Last Tuesday,  I was thinking about restyling my hair and I wouldn’t want to cut it really short.  Yeah, I’m not ready for cropped or bob cuts yet so I realize as Timon suggested, ‘What about fringe?’.  I was stubborn at first, I don’t want to because it is a high maintenance haircut and I am living in a hot climate country at the moment which will make me truly anxious with fringes dangling on my forehead when I am dripping with sweat.

But then again, I always wanted to try it again although I know it will needs a lot of styling everytime.  To cut the story short, I cut my hair yesterday morning and got myself a homemade longhair fringe haircut.  Funny, that I cut it great the first time and for some reason (maybe because I was still half asleep that morning! :D), I cut it again and it was too short. Arrrgh! It looks terrible!

I tried different things, until finally I decided to cut more parts of my hair to cover up my too short fringe.  Luckily, it resulted great with the help of some hair polish and narrow toothed comb, and gotcha! Wahoo! It looks amazing now, I like it better! Here are the photos of how it looks like after I made all the repairs.  What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “What Do You Think of My Fringe Haircut?

  1. This has cheered me up, I went to the hairdresser and asked for a long fringe, which she chopped really short, from the get-go.

    I really don’t like it, I could have done a better job by myself. I might add some extensions to my hair..

    1. Yeah, sometimes doing it yourself is better. You know what you want and it improves your skill! LOL although if I do need a complicated haircut, I can’t do it myself but I always go to my favorite salon and hair cutter. That way she knows my type and style!

  2. I did a similar fringe
    went to hair dressers to get a fringe cut but thought she cut it too long so chopped bits off myslef -now i think its too short so wiating for it to grow but could always use some hair from further back to do a repair job.

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