After almost two years since this fashion blog was created,  I have written so much about fashion that even the latest trends is just like a song that keeps reviving.  Therefore, it is like talking the same thing over and over again in a different way.

I’ve written ton about beauty, shopping, and fashion tips that I reckon almost about anything you wanna know about fashion, about looking great, and stuff.  As a fashion blogger, it is fun writing about what you want to wear and what is the trend that you wanna share people to wear.  Fashion is an art, it makes the world more colorful than it should be.

This blog is my legacy, a friend taught me how to do it.  How I made it was my own but I’m truly thankful learning how to do blogging, I’ve learned a lot.  I may not blog regularly as I was, but I will be blogging everytime there’s gonna be an interesting topic I want to share related to the niche.  This is not goodbye, but rather an explanation why it is not as active as it was.

To all the subscribers and avid readers, I thank you all for your support and will still write about stuff that you will enjoy (so don’t worry! :)…. ).  I am just busy with other sites I am working on, but I promise to keep you posted on a good fashion topic.  Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “What About Fashion?

  1. Congrats to you! 2 years, wow! That’s a long time already. I just recently started bmy blog and I hope that in 2 years, I’d be able to say the same things that you are saying now =:)

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