Are you looking for a great deal to start your own blog/website/directory? There are thousands of FREE Web Hosting out there, and there is nothing wrong with using FREE Hosting. Only, if you want to monetize your blog or website, having your own name would get you more traffic specially from the search engines.


Search engines doesn’t rank much the FREE Hosted blogs and websites out there, although the paid hosting will make a huge difference. Also, Paid Web Hosting gives you the freedom to choose your own domain name (ex.

Monetizing your blog would require good amount of traffic to your website/blog. In order for you to achieve that you want the search engines (ex. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc…) to rank your blog after a couple of months after starting your own blog with your own domain name. If you are looking for great deal hosting, “Murang Pinoy Web Hosting” is right for you.

I am using the same web hosting myself, and “Pinoy Web Value Hosting Deals” has real value for your money. Providing great customer service, great price deal offers, and 24/7 support, you’ll never have to worry.

I’ll share you how great their customer support is…One time when my blog was down I contacted them through email to ask what’s wrong with my blog. They immediately replied within 3minutes to apologize that the server was down for a few minutes but will be back in 2-3 minutes. As soon as I received the reply, I just tried to find out if it’s okay, and it is! They even called me through my mobile just to verify my account when I paid them to start using their hosting.

Meaning, they are honest and certified safe to avail their service confirming and verifying every details you give them is certified your own. Fraud is so unlikely to happen from and to them.

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