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I said, “Wear A Fashionable Attitude on Your Interview” because recently I just had a crazy experience with applying for work.  Applying for a job isn’t easy, its all about yourself and how you can prove them you are worth the position you are applying for.  So we applicants, have to fit into a standard that society has accepted for the job application situation.

Applicants should be very patient and persevering to appear truly worth for the position you are applying for.  But wait a minute, it has been overlooked that recruiters as well should be in good behaviour in conducting interviews or dealing with applicants.  I have several experiences with the recruiters that must have forgot their good manners and right conduct in dealing with the applicants.  Based on my background as a student of Human Resource Management, recruiters should also have to follow code of conducts.

I want to share an experience I had with a recruitment agency somewhere in Makati, it was years ago so I forgot the name of the agency.  The agency was runned by family, they were impolite to the applicants and I was even treated as a dirt as I was applying as a food attendant that time.  She was so rude that she was not dealing with me professionally and asking me questions as if I am disturbing her precious time when I had to travel 2 hours one way and find their building in the middle of woop woop in the Makati area.  Tired and hungry as I was with only 50 pesos left in my pocket from completing the requirements they need I keep my calm, but then as I finished the interview swore to myself never return there again no matter how great opportunities they can give.  Why?  If she’s abusive enough to deal with me when they can be rude and just do whatever they can to sabotage your contract or maybe your hard earned salary.

Another was this agency again, from Makati whom I think most employees are rude as well.  Here is how the fashionista looking for work had the bad experience she’ll never forget. The name of the agency sounds similar to head, and its a name for a toxic waste(which I reckon suits them…lol).  Anyway, yesterday I know I came in late at 6pm due to the traffic plus I was submitting resumes to different work abroad agencies before them, so I asked the lady and the 3 men sitting in front if they are still open.  I asked, because I know I was late and that I can come back tomorrow only I was trying if they’ll still accommodate me that time will be cool, although I wasn’t expecting they will and they did not.  Rudely the lady answered me “Nakita mong bukas ang pinto e di bukas pa! (You can see that the gate is open so still open!)”.  I thank them and proceed upstairs, the friendly receptionist greeted me.  I said, “Can I leave my resume?”, she said to go downstairs and fill up an application form and come back, I went downstairs and ask the lady for the application form politely.  She replied “Ala-sais na eh! (It’s 6pm already!).  What an attitude yeah?  I stay put and calm but I’m starting to boil though… I said, it’s ok I’ll just come back tomorrow.

The next day, I learned that the opening to Canada that they are advertising is not really an opening to Canada.  They are counter offering Middle East jobs because they say there are no urgent hiring to Canada and that the foreign employer has not communicated with them regarding the matter (As if!).  It’s a scam!  Misleading applicants that want to apply to Canada! Why? Money! Placement fee.  If the applicant agrees, then that means money for them!  It’s too bad how these people can take these stuff in their conscience.  Imagine the applicant before me that they were persuading to go Middle East, he was from Bulacan way further than from where I’m from.  Geez, the money that would cost him to apply for the position advertised only to find out its a scam!


In my opinion with Human Resource background…

  • A very unprofessional behavior at the reception should not be ignored.
  • Take note of how they treat applicants before you.
  • If they say there are no openings for the job you are applying for that was advertised, then it’s a scam.  You can’t trust them now, so how can you trust you will be safe after you pay the fee or overseas when you are miles away from home and in an unfamiliar land?
  • Follow your instinct.  You can feel the bad vibe they have if they are scammers, I learned it the hard way.  I should have not came back, yeah?

I think POEA should look into this too, that is why OFWs sometimes do overstay in the country to survive due to the placement fee and the maltreatment overseas.  No one wants to be in that hard situation, people just want to have a better lives but people like this are killing them and their family.

So, next time when you’re applying for a job, make sure to Wear A Fashionable Attitude on Your Interview and be alert with the key points to spot a scam, ok?

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