On our way to Crocodile Farm after a short zip-lining stunt in Zip City, Vergel told me that he told his boss about how he picked me up at the gasoline station waiting for a ride going to Hill Top.  His boss, the ever nice Mr. Phillip Sunny Dizon, gave me a free pass to Crocodile Farm and 2 other parks connected to it, Tribu K’Mindanawan, Butterfly House hearing my funny story walking under the heat of the sun in Diversion Road to Hill Top (I didn’t know it was impossible to walk there, they didn’t tell me when I asked the police outpost officer for directions).

(Photo with either this Albino Python or a baby croc is Php40)

(Green Tea Python)

He went to the entrance and talked to the guard, showed his boss’ text message and there I was, I got in for free! I couldn’t thank them enough and I wasn’t expecting it but really, I am so thankful to you guys!

(Friendly Gorilla)

The park is, of course, filled with crocodile cages with lots of crocs in it and I was told they conduct animal shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.  Unfortunately, it was Thursday when I came, I won’t be able to see it. Still, I have so much to be grateful for.  Free entrance, free service, new friends, that’s more than lucky.


Aside from crocodiles, the farm houses other animals that makes it a mini-zoo.  They do have ostriches, sheeps, snakes, gorillas, birds & fowls,  turtles, lizards, tigers, and a lot more.  I enjoyed taking photos around the farm for more than an hour, after that, outside I saw some ethnic shops there, tattoo shop, souvenirs and a weaving hut (hut where they weave their crafts) just near Tribu K’Mindanawan’s entrance.  I talked to the tattoo artists and inquired about the art necklaces, paintings, and art pieces displayed I told them I’ll be back the next day to do some business with them.

(Lots of crocodiles everywhere)

(Baby crocs)

I bought a nice scarf from the shop, something I was looking for in Sagada, I found it in Davao and I love how they craft it!  That’s all for my Crocodile farm visit because I’m headed to Tribu K’Mindanawan, story will be on my next post.  Can you tell if I enjoyed the freebies they gave me?  Who wouldn’t?


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2 thoughts on “Visiting Davao Crocodile Farm

  1. If their animal shows are guys wrestling with crocodiles, shoving their arms and sticks into their mouths and generally treating them really badly, you didn’t miss much. I had to leave when I saw that stuff going on at crocodile farms in Thailand, but maybe they treat them better in the Philippines.

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