(Hidden Paradise of Anawangin Cove)

Sunday, 10am- November 27, 2011.  When we arrived in Anawangin Cove from a very thrilling boat ride from Nagsasa Island.  Yes, what an adventure that boat ride was!  Anyway, from a far we noticed that Anawangin Cove’s got way too much people than Nagsasa Island, so crowded with campers I should say because its weekend (if you want quieter Anawangin then go there on week days instead).  Yes, it has2 water pumps 2 toilets and 2 changing room.  There’s also a store where you can buy anything double or triple the real price (so buy everything you need from the town’s market before embarking to your boats to the islands).

(New found friends from the Islands; Warren, me, Vianne, and Allen)

I didn’t get to stay there overnight, as I don’t have enough clothes to stay another night and not enough food to last me another. Day 2 when we went here from Nagsasa Island where we stayed overnight.  The beach is good but not as good as Nagsasa, although I still think that Capones Island beach is the best beach among the three.  I stayed there for few hours, took photos of the river and the paradise hidden at the back, swam as much as I can, had lunch with my new found friends and then off I go back to the mainland Pundakit, Zambales.  It was a short Anawangin Cove experience but its still beautiful!  The couple was left in Anawangin to spend another night, while me and Warren left for Manila.  I would come back here, definitely!

Zambales sounds familiar? Well, that’s the same location where Mt. Pinatubo is.  Though the trek point to Pinatubo starts in Capas, Tarlac though, the area of the majestic volcano is still within Zambales.

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