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Vintage Clothing is smart for this time that most are experiencing crisis.  Not to mention that revival of retro fashion keeps coming back. From 50’s fashion upto 90’s, clothing industry just keeps reviving the fashion of the past to the present.

Where to Find Vintage Clothing?

It is most common on auctions.  Vintage dresses and other clothes are second hand clothes handed over to someone, commonly from generation to generation.  When the demand of vintage clothing grew, people started looking for resources where to get.  Online Shopping stores and auctions are becoming popular as a source.

Ukay-Ukay Fashion

In the Philippines, it is commonly known as Ukay- Ukay Fashion, as the smartest place to get fashionable pieces.  Ukay-ukay shops not only offers second hand clothing but brand new as well, where you can re-style it to with the help of your creativity and resourcefulness.

Trust-worthy Vintage Store

Looking and using for vintage clothing and other stuff needs wit.  Be careful and smart how you get pieces from second hand shops.  Choose more appropriate and better looking pieces.  Don’t just grab whatever you want, get it from a trust-worthy places.

Unique Vintage Clothing

Best source of vintage clothing is from your parents.  I got several pieces of vintage clothing back home that I got from my mom and dads old wardrobe.  Yet, my dads pants are my favorite bottoms and tops from mom.  Some of them I repaired it to my size, I wish I took photos of it before I left.

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