vietnamese mangoes on steroids

Oh man! you’ll never believe how big are the mangoes here in Hue, Vietnam. Vietnamese mangoes seems using steroids!!! Geeezz…it is 7.5 inches long and as you can see, I couldn’t grab it well. My palm is not enough to grab the whole mango! That was the biggest mango I have ever seen!!!

vietnamese mangoes on steroids

I wonder what fertilizers are they using to produce those HUGE mangoes!!! Can’t help to take a photo and write a post about it! Vietnam always amaze me. Amazing Vietnam!…:-)

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3 thoughts on “Vietnamese Mango on Steroids??!!

  1. Wow, but the stamp, which was written in Vietnamese (I guess you can’t read Vietnamese), said that those mangoes was from Taiwan. LOL

  2. Oh really? LOL..That’s funny!!! Well, yeah, I don’t speak, write, or read Vietnamese…I’m just travelling around and write about interesting stuff I find along the way…Geee, but I found them in Vietnam though, so I guess I won’t change my post title…Thanks for informing anyway…:D

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