Living in Vietnam for almost a year now, I have been asked by westerners that travels Vietnam the same question; “What’s the difference of Philippines to Vietnam?”.  As most of the western travellers and locals as well thought I am one of te locals (locals keep talking to me in Vietnamese), it made me want to learn the language.

Learning the language have made me understand more of their culture as I become more and more absorbed, and I started to sink in with them.  They can’t even recognize the difference until they wanted to start real conversation, as I am not well and fully fluent with the language!

I must say, generally Vietnam is quite similar when it comes to their ways, I mean, their conservative culture evolving to liberated ways.  The culture that is struggling to get away with strict traditional ways, and how the Philippines was 10 or 20 years ago.  Yet, just like the other countries they evolve quickly that you would be surprised how 6 months made a huge difference in Nha Trang (where I lived).

Vietnam Tradition in Clothing

The Vietnamese people were as obsessed as the Filipinos in fashion.  However, I admire how they try to preserve the Traditional fashion in the modern time.  Even how trendy the new generations are, they still don’t forget their Traditional clothing “Ao Dai” (pronounced as ao-zye).

The long flowing traditional clothing looks amazing.  It tells a lot about the history of one culture, their originality and history told in their clothing.  At present, they are still worn by women all over the country especially in the South to school, offices, and company uniforms which is awesome.

Preserving culture in fashion as part of everyday modern living in Vietnam gets my two thumbs up for it’s patriotic innovations.

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