Being here in Vietnam for more than 3months now, I am learning more about the country, culture, people, and of course, my niche…Fashion!

Last few days, they celebrated their Lunar New Year, they are part Chinese in culture… And so, I saw last 25th of January(Lunar New Year’s Eve) all dressed up. Dang! I didn’t have my camera that night and I regret it leaving my camera in the room. I can’t go back just to grab my cam because its too crowded. Hardwork to pass through their road packed with locals.

Vietnam Teen Street Fashion

Vietnam Teen Street Fashion

Vietnamese Teens are fashionable! They know how to strike a good outfit at a very young age. Dude, you won’t believe it…Majority of girls are really into fashion. Now it makes sense why there’s fashion boutiques everywhere here.

The next day, just walking near the beach, I saw a group of Vietnamese Teens walking by… Above was the stolen shot I got. This is just an ordinary day shot…no more occasion, yet still that’s Vietnam Teen Street Fashion.

Nothing special really, but this is normal day…You can imagine how they put effort last Lunar New Year Eve!

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