Victoria Beckham as American Idol Judge??!!  I can’t believe it!  She’s conquered fashion industry for becoming one of the greatest fashion icon, ending her up tons of advertisements and print modelling stuff.  Now what?  American Idol?  Oh well, she has a popular and great singing time during the “Spice Girls” time, so I think she’s posh enough to pull it all together…  Let’s hear fro our Guest Blogger Angelique about this…

Victoria Beckham spent last Friday in Boston, Massachusetts as a temporary replacement of Paula Abdul on the judging panel for American Idol. Because things were said to have gone so splendidly when she helped judge auditions in Denver earlier, she was once again asked for her services in Boston. She joined Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, and songwriter Kara DioGuardi in preparation for the upcoming season.” 

(Image from Couture in the City)

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