Vang Vieng's Natural Beauty Vang Vieng must be proud of the natural beauty of their town. For Nature Lovers, this is your heaven. For a small town in Laos there are several nature tripping that you can do. The most popular is TUBING, caving, kayaking, and a lot more. There are a lot of majestic caves. I have seen the nearest to the town, PHUOKHAM CAVE.

Vang Vieng's Natural Beauty

It was pretty tiring walking all the way from the town, and climbing it Vang Vieng's Natural Beauty up to the two caves they have there. There were two caves up there and one is huge! It was amazing experience to see atleast one. Entrance fee is 10,000Kips for two caves. From up there, you can see the whole town. I was waiting to see the lagoon that they said there was to swim but I never saw it. That was the only thing that frustrates me…sigh…but so far, Vang Vieng is a nature haven.

Vang Vieng's Natural Beauty

Vang Vieng's Natural Beauty

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