Planning to surprise your girl this Valentine’s Day? Buying gifts is the most common, and a romantic dinner date. Let me help you find good picks for your Valentine’s Date, and gift for her.

Valentine’s Gifts for Women, Be Cool, Be Romantic

Women as you guys always thought are very materialistic, so you tend to surprise them with expensive gifts… The truth is, they are emotional. They appreciate anything from anyone, they don’t need expensive stuff. Even the most simplest hand-made card you made for her will melts her heart.

The thing is…you guys are not into it, mostly. You tend to just buy than make it yourself, either because you’re not crafty enough yo produce a great hand-made gift… or you are just a slack to do that and rather buy the cheapest flower you can get on the way.

It doesn’t matter, most of them appreciate your effort making her feel she’s special. I want to suggest few ideas to give her…

Valentine’s Gifts for Women, Be Cool, Be Romantic

  • Something Cute and Funny. Women loves whoever or whatever makes them smile. A cute teddy bear, a funny talking sarcastic ball, or a remote control for your man. 😀
  • Something Romantic. A surprise simple candle-lit dinner date would make her giggle, and if you’re on a tight budget, you can just cook and prepare it yourself.
  • Something Simple and Sweet. A bouquet of flowers and a box of good chocolates will sweep her feet off, your sweet effort and sweet present? geeeeeeez!
  • Something Adventurous. Women loves to have their alone time with you, giving her the best vacation trip ticket, cruise, or just a drive up the quiet hill with a great view with you is great.
  • Something Expensive. Since you love surprising your girl,Valentine's Gifts for Women, Be Cool, Be Romantic impressing her with expensive gifts will do the best trick ( serviced date, jewelries, etc…). Why? They thought you think she’s very special for you that you don’t care spending your savings for her. Although, some would find it too much, but you know your girl better.

Now, you can think about what you wanna gave her this Valentine’s Day.  She might be checking out my previous post on what to give you on Valentine’s Day too!

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gifts for Women, Be Cool, Be Romantic

  1. Hey Lyndsay! Thanks for the advice!! I have a special request from you. Is there a website that you are familar with (safe & secure) that one can go to to send flowers and chocolates to someone in the Philippines? I’ve checked some of them out and have found that their security certificates are invalid. Help me if you can!!!!! Most FTD’s will only send flowers and no chocolates….I think you have my email.

    Hope you are doing well. Love your Twitter posts with the blog links. I read all your work and enjoy them all!!! Thanks.

  2. Hello Barry,

    So far, I don’t have any idea. Just because back in the Philippines, we live 2 blocks away from the main flower shops, I mean, the main place where you can get the cheapest flowers in Manila.

    I’ve got classmates that has flower business there, although I don’t think they’ve got websites yet for their business and I haven’t talked to them for years now… If only, I’m in Manila…I could help you with your problem.

    Unfortunately, I’m still in Vietnam…and most probably, might stay here longer.

  3. How about chocolate covered fortune cookies with those gorgeous flowers! A secret love message is written inside. Romantic! Find them at

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