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Bloggers and website owners like me often use photos to enhance presentation of the post we write about.  One of the most popular posts are often celebrities and famous personalities in politics, sports, movies, etc.

Respecting Copyright and Infringement Laws

Yet, we should always be aware of copyright and infringement laws in respect to whom the photos or articles belong to.  However, we know that celebrities and public figures are public “properties”, meaning their popularity means a lot to them and media is their means of spreading their popularity, it is their source of income too (being popular).

Videos and photos are the most common source of popularity, and now the WEB.  Internet is vital for their popularity as its publicity is viral as it increases 10 times hundredfold than print media, such as newspapers and magazines.  And this is bloggers world! Blog and website owners makes everything here viral and more popular.  Using photos and videos, we spread the word.

Where to Get Photos Without Breaking the Rules?

In respect to the owners of the photos, videos, use copyright materials in spreading your words.  Stop stealing.  There are a lot of alternatives where to get your photos.  You can join communities that allows you to use their photos once you are a member, ask permission before using someone’s photos (more often than not, they always allow you), look for sources that allows you to use their photos such as social networks friends, and some are selling photos for a cheap price.

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Use Copyright Celebrity Photos,PR Photos are one of the companies that offers wide varieties of latest celebrity photos and events happening, they offers packages and prices to let you use copyright celebrity photos.  For webmasters out there, you can even make money referring them as well.  Check them out!

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