(US troops and Pinatubo Trekkers)

After the short but amazing ‘mermaid’ fantasy moments in the volcano’s crater lake we started trekking back for another 3 hours of 7kms to where our 4×4’s were waiting. Sure, it wasn’t as astounding going back which lessens the adventure although it’s dusty on the way back which makes the adventure spikes again.

(Choppers in exercise)

I’m starting to feel a little sleepy when I saw 2 choppers and took a photo, I didn’t know what’s ahead of us. Until, we saw a lot of the 4×4’s all parked in the middle of the desert with US military 4×4 in front with few American soldiers. I asked the driver why we stopped? He said, US military is undergoing ‘Balikatan’ Exercises with the Philippine Military at that moment and we’re stuck for an hour there. So, I went to the front and took photos of the chopper exercises and a shot of the good looking military guys. Oh, I took 2 photos again while I’m on the jeep as we passed in front of them and they are cool waving to everyone as we left the premise. Not so far from there, we saw their camp.

(Waving US military men)

The experience of this trip is absolutely amazing! I am not taking back what I said, that this was the way better than Krabi as far as the beauty is concern. Only, the trek is longer than the time we spent at the crater (which camping is the best way to get the best out of it. Camping is only open from January onwards due to weather conditions). Still, it’s my best so far(even if Doug will hate me for saying that)!

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