(Pad Thai and Watermelon Shake before crossing Huay Xai)

Every place I go usually have their specialty food, with Luang Prabang having their huge baguette sandwiches, Thailand’s Pad Thai, Vietnam’s Pho, and a lot more.  Let me tell you the unforgettable foods during my trip according to my taste buds.

PAD THAI – This is Thailand’s fried noodles, you can choose noodles you want (flat, thin, yellow egg noodles, rice noodles) with egg and vegetables which you could also add either seafood, chicken, or pork with few additional baht.  This normally cost from 30-45 Baht from Bangkok streets (Khao San Road have tons of them), depending what do you want to add.  Their condiments for this dish includes crushed peanuts, fresh lime, chili powder, Thai jalapeno, sugar, soy sauce, its up to you what do you want to put on your Pad Thai.  This tops my list obviously, and you can buy them everywhere in Thailand (prices varies where you are in the country).

(Banh Xeo)

BANH XEO This Vietnamese crepes are such a healthy meal that according to my Vietnamese friend Trang was popularized by the locals of Mui Ne, they do it the best there she said.  It has vegetables and meat or shrimps wrapped in a freshly cooked coconut-rice wrapper served with herbs and vinegar.  I love them!

(Chicken and Chili Fried Rice)

THAI FRIED RICE – Thai Fried Rice is a full meal, unlike our fried rice here in the Philippines where it is served like the plain rice together with a viand, Thai fried rice are filled with fresh vegetables and abundant meat (if you ordered chicken or beef or seafood) they’re one of my favorites. In Bangkok’s Rambruttri Road, they have the best street fresh fried rice there for not more than 50 Baht.

WONTON MEE – Singapore’s dumplings and noodles.  Although my different places have different tastes, I have a favorite place in Chinatown to get it, they have the best Wonton Mee ever!  They prepare it with 2 steamed dumplings, 3 s pork or duck slices, egg noodles, separate soup, chili sauce, jalapenos! I can eat them all day like Singapore’s Chicken Rice (but I prefer Wonton Mee), costing 3 SGD for a good serving that fills me up from lunch to dinner.

(Pho Ga)

PHO – This is Vietnamese noodle soup with rice vermicelli noodles, meat(either chicken  (phở gà) or beef (phở bò). As I have observed, I noticed they use thin sliced raw meat and pour boiling soup in it, onions, and chopped herbs. Served with lime, herbs (mints, sprouts), chili paste.  Although, I tried another type of soup specialty of HUE province which is Bún bò Huế which obviously name came from where it originated and what is it made of, I am not sure what is the difference.  They’re all soups and taste great, I asked locals but they can’t explain it to me so I guess it just how its been prepared ( but I didn’t notice any difference in preparation).  Normally, price ranges from 30,000-50,000 VND for a good serve, 15,000-25,000 VND from the streets.

(Sticky Rice & Chicken)

STICKY RICE & CHICKEN – Although they have them in Laos and their sticky rice are served in a cute little native ‘abaca’ cup, I tried them from Krabi influenced by Team Canada (Dougly and Nicky) we met because of this dish.  It is just basically sticky rice, but the fried chicken’s got a twist. The chicken tasted like its rolled in garlicky curry powder which gave a good kick in your taste buds.  We got them from a local muslim vendor for only 20 Baht per serve, enough to fill your gut and give you a good burp.

BAGUETTE SANDWICHES – Luang Prabang, Laos got the best sandwiches in South East Asia, they are huge for 10,000 Kip that I could not finish in one sitting. Pair it with their 3,000 Kip fresh fruit juice (Mango or Watermelon or Dragon Fruit’s my choice) under the heat? They’re luxuries!

(Crepes that they call pancakes)

MANGO/BANANA CREPES – This is very popular in Vang Vieng, Laos.  Amazingly prepared and topped with Nutella? Yum for just 5,000 Kip.  You can also get a cheese and tomato crepes or bacon/ham and egg ones, everything’s prepared in front of you.

If you are wondering why I don’t have something in Cambodia?  Not that they don’t have good food, in fact they have a lot! It’s just that nothing unsual, their menu are already tailored to tourists. American, Mexican, Italian, just name it and they’ll produce it.  They are really good and cheap budget food, and oh by the way, they do have unforgettable bizarre food though like fried spiders and bugs.

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  1. The food looks really good! I hope to go someday to Vietnam!.I just came across your blog and now you cab consider me a follower of yours Lindsay! 🙂

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