I have been a little slack writing, updating, or doing some work on this blog (I know, I’m guilty!) due to a lot of reasons but in short, I’m busy.  First, I was busy looking for a job while travelling around Southeast Asia which made me a little busy to write about my travel escapades on my travel blog.  When the backpacking adventure ended I became a little occupied touring friends around coming over to visit, and after that, I went looking for a job (for god sake, I needed a job after that touring around got me really broke!) and of course, I finally got a job.

So you’re wondering why I’m back?  Because, I resigned! Oh well, long story…but it’s not really important to you anyway.  The good thing is that I’m back putting some work on my blogs now specially here.  I started working today, and what I want to do first? is to get rid of my Twitter non-followers that I’m following.  Why?  It’s just a waste of time, this is business and if I’m not getting anything in return here then what’s the point yeah?

I’m telling you this because I want to share how following your followers work wonders in your blogs.  For those who aren’t following me for a long time I am following you and wasn’t doing anything about it, it’s all done and over.  It’s time to un-follow you now.  What? I have more than 3,000 people I’m following who are not even following me so I’ll start following people who are following me instead.  You want to have cool reasons to un-follow or defollow Twitter followers that’s not following you? I have three.

With the help of this amazing Manage Flitter FREE application I saw online, it was easy to do it.  It’s program is user friendly too! All you have to do it drag and click un-follow and you can delete 100 twitters at a time. Awesome, isn’t it? It is.

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