Understanding Philippine Fashion – Now and Then

Philippine Fashion – Now and Then

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Growing up in the busy and hectic city like Manila is unbelievable.  It is a bit crazy because of the traffic jams and tropical heat due to the country’s geographical location, the only Asian country that sits at the equator’s line (I stand corrected by a reader named, Neil.  Philippines is located above the equator! Geez! – Ed.).  Yes, we are, that explains the outrageous heat.

Despite the heat and tropical climate, that didn’t stop locals to wear conservative clothing such as pants and thin fabric long sleeves.  The culture and tradition is quite conservative originating from the colonial culture of the Spaniards who colonize Philippines for more than 300 years.

Sleeve less shirts, bikinis at the beach, short pants were considered quite revealing during the early times.  Yet, after the American colonization locals started to adapt REAL fashion and cosmetics.  The spread of the fashion weren’t instant, it took time due to the influence of the elderly influence to their daughters and grandchildren.

Americanized Philippines

However, that was 5 or 10 years ago.  Now, fashionable clothing can be found everywhere and Filipina women now are often wears sleeveless shirts, short pants (showing their knees or shorter), and bikinis at the beach.  We were once called “Brown Americans” (can we change it to “Naturally Tanned Skinned Americans”?, this sounds better! LOL) as the country is one of the Top 3 English Speaking countries in Southeast Asia.

Now, Philippines is one of the fastest growing industry in fashion.  Specially in shoe manufacturing industry, producing high quality and stylish shoes that is truly world class in local wholesale prices.  Chinese merchants were getting their business going by collaborating with the artistic and meticulous Pinoy (“Pinoy is the slang for Filipino”) taste.

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  1. “the only Asian country that sits at the equator’s line”
    You’re not talking about the Philippines are you? We’re above the equatorial line.

    “Yet, after the American colonization locals started to adapt REAL fashion and cosmetics.”
    I’m worried with the use of the word REAL. Is there such a thing as UNREAL/FALSE FASHION?

    “can we change it to “Naturally Tanned Skinned Americans”?, this sounds better! LOL”
    I really hope you’re kidding. Being called American, when you’re not an American, sounds like a second-rate American. When did being second-rate become fashionable?

    1. Why are you so upset? can i just give my own opinion on my own blog? LOL

  2. I’m not upset. I’m actually amused at the idea that people can move the equator arbitrarily. I’m here to help you promote your blogging prowess. LOL. I hope you won’t mind if I refer to (link) this entry in my blog. 🙂

    1. ok then, cool! no worries, you can refer it to anyone!

  3. Ummm… so wat did the filipinos wear during the American colonization? Are still wearing baro’t saya? or jeans na?

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