Have you ever wondered why in the world underarm darkens?  Most people that suffer from discoloration of underarms will do everything to whitens it.  What they did not know is that there are simple causes of everyday habits they formed that made their underarms darker.

Melanin is the substance in our skin that determines the color of our skin.  People with more melanins appear darker and fairer otherwise.  However, Melanin is also our skin’s protection from the harmful effect of the UV rays.  The darker your skin is, the more melanin you have.

Yet, there are cases of fair skinned people with dark underarms which is caused by bad habits or being unaware of stuff.

FRICTION- The frequent rubbing of the skin can cause irritation causing it to turn reddish at first and then black.  What are the most common causes of this?

Frequent Shaving- Shaving removes not only the hairs but also shed most of the outer layer of the skin.  Rest your underarm from shaving for a week or so, the next thing you’ll notice when you next shave is how whiter your underarm than it was.

Wearing Tight Clothes All The Time- Frequent rubbing of the tight clothes to your underarm can also darken your skin.  Underarms are one of those most sensitive skin all over the body (including wrists, neck, back of the knee, side ankles, face, and bikini areas).  Just notice the soft tissue areas and you yourself can notice the sensitive areas of your skin.

Deodorants–  It is not necessarily mean that your deo makes your underarm darker, it is the regular contact and friction of deo to your skin.  Plus, the fact that most deodorants are just chemical based with harmful ingredients that reacts to your sensitive underarm skin.  Try using organic deodorants and avoid harsh rubbing of deo to your skin, be gentle to your skin.

Friction is the most common cause of underarm discoloration that you don’t know you were doing everyday in different forms causing you problems and costing you money to do everything just to whiten it.  Just always be aware of how you treat your skin.

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