Metallic Ruched Booties- $32.99

Shoes are one of women’s weaknesses and we (I’m talking about women),  that we own more than 10 pairs of shoes for an average, yeah?  Hmmm, I don’t know if that covers all of us.  I think most have more than just 10 pairs, can we say 20 pairs?  Well, up to you how many pairs you want. lol 🙂

Strappy Croc Platforms – $26.99

Shoes from $5o and Below!

Every shoe sale announcements, you bet women are like hungry animals going gaga over the best deal of stylish pair of shoes!  Bargains, garage sales, Summer Sales, name it.

So what about a good news for all you ladies out there that haven’t heard the news.  You can get stylish pairs like the ones displayed on this post for under $50 shoes, and that’s no joke.  It is shoes galore time for all of us!  Check out your style and take a pick for yourself and indulge into the shoe temptation it brings.

Crocodile Bandage Stilettos – $39.99

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