I love Barbie and still fascinated with her up until now, I would watch Barbie movies with my niece whenever we find a new edition of her movie. When I read online about the Human Barbie, it shocked me! I thought it was impossible but I gave it a benefit of the doubt.

Unreal Human Barbie

There are real gorgeous women that may be compared and will have a similar beauty to Barbie ( I meant naturally). So, when I read about this human Barbie, I was surprised how almost identical she is to the doll!

I researched more about it and I found out that she has undergone several surgeries to attain the Barbie look. I understand that people undergo surgery to look great or enhance something and I won’t judge them if that makes them feel confident. However, the ways and attitude of the human Barbie isn’t really ‘Barbie-Like”. I won’t say much about it but you can research more online to find out. Here’s a video clip for how the human Ken and Barbie are in person to get an idea.

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