Twilight Star on Fashion Shoot - Ashley Greene

Who would not recognize the stars of Twilight series? Twilight Star on Fashion Shoot – Ashley Greene is now featured here at my blog.  Yes, Edward and Bella has struck the heart of not all just young generations but older as well.  The romantic Twilight series has been brought to the cinemas and caused more sales to the Twilight books.  Not surprising really, although its a chick flick type of movie it does not matter!  They top the charts and competes with the Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

I know not everyone would agree but stats shows that they are topping the charts as well, my favorite is Harry Potter but I must admit, Twilight series has captured the young hearts of the generation that brought them to the top.

In fashion critical sense, vampires are mostly chic and classy.  You all saw it from the two movies, and from my fashion sense, Ashley Greene is the face of the fashion among all the stars in the Twilight series.  Now, here’s Twilight Star on Fashion Shoot – Ashley Greene on style, fashion, and movies… 🙂

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