Tagaytay is where you’ll find the smallest volcano in the world (that’s what they say), the one of the closest volcano from where I live and I have been there several times.  It’s just amazing how the world has all these cool wonders hey. I admit, even though I’ve been there many times before, I have never tried to trek the crater of this tiny volcano (tiniest among the rest), never as close as my friend David did! Which I’m not surprised why most of my photos here are just with people and not the volcano (Lucky, I found one that I can share) and some horseback riding photos with the whole clan.

(My brother Arjun in Blue)

It looks awesome! With all the boat ride and the trek to the crater seems cool, but I know I won’t enjoy it because there’s no water to swim for the mermaid.  I endured 6 hour trek to Mt. Pinatubo because I know I can swim at the crater lake and will do Sagada because there are springs or waterfalls that I can enjoy.  It’s all about water to me or some outdoor sports that if its not water related, it has to be flying (I’m a flying fish kind of mermaid).  This is why I’m helping out to spread the word in Saving Philippine Seas, I can’t live without water! You can’t live without water either, so let’s help one another to do little things to save our natural resources.

I’m good just seeing and taking photos of Taal Volcano from afar, I can live with that without regrets.  For some, those who loves trekking more than I do (and I do it only for my stated reason), this is a place you must see and trek.


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6 thoughts on “Trippin’ Tagaytay for Taal Volcano

  1. As a local, I’m sure you can negotiate a fairer price for the boat ride – I had to do it solo as there weren’t many other backpackers around. But I enjoyed the short walk up and down again.

    The only crater lake I’ve been to is at Ijen Volcano in East Java, but they didn’t allow swimming there. Maybe you could dive in before they noticed…

  2. i’ve been to the crater and the view is awesome,its very rare to see a lake within a volcano within a lake.

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