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As the year’s getting older, we are almost near the half of the year.  Yet, Tribal Fashion is still in.  Smart fashion says going tribal is smart, from Tribal Clothing to Tribal Jewelry you’ll always be in style for this year.  Tribal is in the Latest Fashion Trends list this year, so I want to help you prepare your amazona chic style. 😀

Fabrics Great for Tribal Fashion

Chiffon, Satin, or Silk fabrics are great for neutralizing the strong character the animal prints emanates.  As the prime of the tribal season, animal prints and neutral colors are flying in the supermarkets.  Tribal thongs, accessories, clothing, and everything that can flaunt tribal style is cool.

However, choose the prints that will enhance your body, like smaller leopard prints can take the place of polka dots effect, and zebra prints for stripes.  So, be aware that using bigger and bolder prints will make you look bigger.  Animal prints works the same as the standard ones.  Narrow stripes can make you look slimmer (that’s narrow zebra stripes on animal prints) and so on… Enjoy your tribal styling this season, pair it with leggings and platform shoes, you”ll rock the road runway! 😉

(Strapless Animal Print Mini Beaded Party Dress by Jovani – $348 USD)

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