(Enjoy the view while trekking)

I know myself that I don’t like walking a lot, but I had a good training while I was backpacking in Southeast Asia and up until now, I go to and from work walking 15 minutes one way(that I would usually ride a tricycle instead of walking ages before that).  It was an achievement for me, shallow hey? But trekking Pinatubo will become yours if you don’t like walking a lot, I’m not kidding.

When I signed up for Mt.Pinatubo tour, I was expecting we will only trek 45 minutes one way if everyone agrees that the 4×4 will go through the Sky way to avoid the 3 hour trek to the volcano’s crater.  When I received the voucher, there was a note that the Sky way was closed so we will have to do the long trek.  Disappointed but the determination to see the beautiful crater lake would not be vanished by the 3 hour trek challenge.

(The trek has begun)

Surprisingly,  I did not mind the long trek.  I saw some of the trekkers breaking down,  Aleli almost gave up, she said she wanted to go back and we were half way there.  Some got their sneakers broke because of the rough trek and river crossing(we crossed too many rivers with strong current FYI, thanks to our guides who helped us or we will all be done from those crazy rivers), but I admit that’s part of the adventure and fun.  I fell down once but my guide have a good grip to keep me safe and bounce back from that fall.

I have 1.5L of bottled water with me that I didn’t notice to finish just one way of the trip!  Anyway, all I want to share are just small tips to prepare you for a trek.

Eat high carb food before the trek.  You will need the energy Carbohydrates can give you in this activity.

Bring snacks and water.  Of course you will need food, but you have to think about the weight of your bag as you carry that while trekking, so biscuits, crackers and water will be great for your gut and handy.

Do some stretching before the trek.  If you are not used to walking that much or you don’t regularly exercise, I suggest you stretch before trekking.  Even if you do, still stretch before the adventure to be prepared.  This helps, believe me.

Consider the weather.  Bring appropriate protection like cap, sunblock, long sleeves, leggings, to avoid the direct heat or jacket, ponchos for rainy or cold weather.  You don’t want to be buggered with these concerns while you focus your energy on a long trek.  You will miss the fun that way, so don’t let it happen.

Wear comfortable clothes.  Yes, wear a comfortable clothes that would protect you from the weather and other factors that you can possibly imagine trekking.  Also, don’t forget to wear comfortable and durable shoes or footwear.  I have sneakers but I changed to my sandals because its more comfortable trekking with it, I found.  My fellow trekkers congratulates my sandals for enduring the mission (Thanks for Ipanema, since they gave me 2 pairs and tested it during my SEA backpacking adventure, I seek the brand now because its that durable surviving my explorations may it be spelunking, trekking, hiking, climbing, and crossing rocky beaches in Krabi).

Get enough sleep before the day of the trek. Aleli didn’t have enough sleep for 2 days before the trek so her energy was low that day and like me, we were expecting Sky way was possible to avoid 3 hour trek.

Make sure to limit your backpack to 3-5 kilos.  You don’t want to add more uncomfortable situation to your adventure, too much of that will not be fun.  Mine was 5 kilos but my guide, Dodie, offered to carry it for me to and from the crater, making other trekkers to tease him that he’s got a favorite and took some of their bags too(but mind you, most of the guides can carry 3 backpacks at the same time and could still trek fast! Kudos to them!).  You can also check 10 travel packing tips for more reference.

Always smile and joke around.  This helped us a lot not to mind the long trek, we were enjoying everyone’s story plus we ended up bonded before the end of the day.  Like I found out that Dodie and I have common friends (my mum is a native of Concepcion,Tarlac and we are in Capas, Tarlac), and where the girls I’m with are mostly from call center, the others are food tech, the foreigners are law interns in Ortigas.

(Crossing rocky rivers)

Those are my simple tips to help you avoid stress and instead enjoy the adventure of your life trekking your choice of destination, may it be going to see volcano’s crater lake, mountain, spelunking, or anything you want to do that involves trekking.  It’s a mission but don’t forget that its also fun, enjoy your trek!


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