(My first glimpse of Mt. Pinatubo’s crater lake)

Mt. Pinatubo was my first long trek so far, it took us 6 hours in total to trek back and forth the 7km rocky and river crossing path to the crater lake of this amazing volcano. It’s funny how I survived it because back in Vietnam in 2009 I would not even walk a block on a proper road, I realized how much I changed and I love it.

(While trekking, mind you own business)

(River crossing was fun at first, but becomes tiring after few hours)

(Still, rivers and mountains in the background soothes everyone’s tiredness)

(When we saw this sign, our hearts didn’t stop jumping for excitement!)It’s a funny sign, but tells us we’re near!)

The trek was cool, we were told it will take 3 hours to trek one way this beautiful volcano but I did not notice the time because I was busy taking photos and sight seeing, the beautiful formation of Lahar sands that formed mountain like landscape years after the eruption in 1991 was just unbelievable.

(Trekkers making their way to the volcano)

Crossing rivers was another cool experience (different than crossing borders kind of fun), its cool at first but it gets a little tiring just because the current was so strong that tour guides should have to literally guide and help us out to cross the raging current that seems small and easy (it wasn’t easy at all!). One of the guides got his flip flops taken by the strong current, and one got out of balance from it.

(At last!)

When we saw the steps, we know we’re 5 minutes away from it and the steep steps was the indicator we’re there. The steps were more tiring than the trek when I started to run up it (making me more breathless) but that would not stop anyone of us to see the crater lake. As soon as I got there, I was stunned! It’s beautiful, awesome place, surreal reality in front of me, it seems like I’m in a fantasy land! I’m out of words to describe it, gosh!

There are steps going down to the crater lake that was so easy, specially when you can see the beauty of the lake while going down, you would want to run down but I kept my cool and chose to be patient, it was steep way down that can easily make you just roll down and get injured. I wouldn’t want to spoil my fantasy adventure that came to life, no way! My Solo Pinas Trip is On hey!

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2 thoughts on “Trekking Mt. Pinatubo

  1. I moved away from the Philippines when Mt. Pinatubo erupted years ago. I had no idea that you can hike there now. Looks beautiful & peaceful when it’s not erupting & covering the island in ash! I must add hiking Mt. Pinatubo to my bucket list!


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