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A month ago, I received a package that I didn’t expect will arrive as they are products that are obviously imported to the Philippines.  Anyways, to my surprise I got a pack of Montagne Jeunesse Choco Mud Pack!

It was amazing, I’ve tried it once and it is heaven for a choco lover like me.  Yes, I enjoyed the smell and got relaxed by the smell of it while leaving it on my face for 15 minutes after washing my face (dried it with a towel of course! lol).

As my spirit was a little bit uplifted, I researched the net to get to know more about the exciting product that was delivered to me.  I find out that they are not just a fun product but they are beneficial to the environment and health.  They are highly organic, vegan friendly product as well.  That’s another one big point for them hey, keep it up guys!  Thank you for the package you sent me!  Enjoy more fun and green treat Montagne Jeunesse has to offer everyone… 🙂

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