Travelling While Working Sounds Fun!

Travelling and earning at the same time is like hitting two birds with one stone, right? I bet most people dream about it. I, happen to be one of them.

Travelling While Working Sounds Fun!Travelling While Working Sounds Fun!Growing up from a country where travelling is just for wealthy people, I never stopped dreaming about it. Never thought I can’t, I was always working to make every dreams of mine come true. I started working on board a luxury ship when I was 20. Travelling Mediterranean Seas, crossing country every country everyday or sometimes two countries a day. Although it sounds wonderful than it really is, it never stopped me wanting to travel and at the same time earning.

I met few people who live those dreams, and I think I am going to live that dream without stress. These are the few ideal jobs that earns while travelling:

  • Travelling While Working Sounds Fun!Pilots, Flight Attendants
  • Marines, Captains, Cabin Attendants (Seafarers)
  • Internet Business (Online Business)
  • International PR Managers
  • Etc, etc, etc…

Start living your dreams now, act to get there it is not impossible, I’m getting there! See ya!

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