This is really not so serious travelling do’s and don’ts you know, unlike the travel tips post that I wrote before… It just happen that travelling around have made me gain more perspective in life, learned new things through people, and even realized things that are from other traveller’s point of view.

According to them and from what I have learned from my own journey, there are things that you  should do and not do when travelling… Read on…


…learn more about the place you are travelling to.

…learn few basic language of the place.  This would let you experience a little more of the place’s culture and know more about the people and their living.

…respect the local life, ways, and beliefs.  By following what most locals practice.

…find out what are the no-no’s in that country and respect it.

…act like a proper visitor in their country like you want your visitor treat you or act when they’re visiting your place.

…appreciate the good things you have in life and your surroundings.

…open your mind with all the good possibilities around you, learn from your experiences.



…act so arrogant and disrespectful just because the local ways is way different than yours and you are used to.

…just take photos.  Take time to know the culture better, see things more bigger than it is, deeper than you can imagine.

…just spend your money… help.  There people that needs help everywhere disguised as either working hard or a scammer, reasons behind it we don’t know but we can help.  I don’t mean help a scammer to scam yourself or other people (lol), I just mean, help to understand why those things are happening and how to avoid it or help not to be part of the bad thing.  Or help someone really in need (e.g., some handicapped selling books).

…judge people.  It has never been good to judge someone just by the way they act or look.  There is so much more than that, I know you can make different stories by simply watching people but you can only believe half of what you can see.

…travel with your girlfriend/boyfriend. I know you might be asking why, as there are tons of couples I see travelling everywhere, backpacking all over the world but this is actually why I wrote this post about.  Why you should not travel with your girlfriend/boyfriend?

I reckon that would take another post spot to discuss why.  So for now, just take my word for it. Do NOT travel with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Just hold on to read my next post…

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