Traveling by land isn’t new to everyone, whether it’s a long distance destination, adventure, or even just going to work, most of the time we travel on land.  For backpackers who are veterans of going to places on land for hours, god knows how terrible it is but we do it for a cheaper price, to save money.

Imagine how fun it would be traveling short or long distance on a comfortable seats, air-conditioned, and most of all its yours!  You think you’ll never have your own and travel with it because it’s expensive?  Just like traveling the world, you can own your Toyota car now for a very affordable price.  Cheaper than you think you should need to own it.  Name it, you want a Toyota truck? car? van?  Toyota Philippines Team – Shaw Boulevard, headed by LESTER is pleased to inform you that they offer an easy payment method, low down payment, excellent customer service and exceeding customer satisfaction.  They are boasting “Minimum requirements and fast approval” schemes that will get you driving your own car to your next destination in no time!


All in Downpayment Promo for:

  • Avanza – starts at 119k with low monthly of Php 12,565 for 5yrs.
  • Altis – starts @ Php 114,000/ Php 16,005 monthly  for 5yrs.
  • Innova – starts @ Php 112,000/ Php 16,300 monthly  for 5yrs.
  • Hilux 4×4 – starts @ Php 160,000/ Php 28,018 monthly for 5yrs.
  • Fortuner 4×4 – starts @ Php 199,000/ Php 34,684 monthly for 5yrs.
  • Hi Ace Commuter – starts @ Php 240,000/ Php 25,069 monthly for 5yrs.
  • Camry – starts @ Php 291,000/ Php28,608 monthly for 5yrs.
  • ALL NEW VIOS – starts @ Php 128,000/ Php 11,388 monthly for 5yrs.


You may contact LESTER at his mobile numbers: 09178235739 / 09278266500 and email:  The Shaw Boulevard Team accepts ‘Trade-In”.  Get your phone now and call Lester to find out more details on how to get your own Toyota now!

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