(New Facebook Home application launched, stay tuned for FREE download)

As a traveler, we know we always want to get updated with what’s happening, where to go, where your friends are to meet up, or what’s the latest big thing. Do you check in to places you go to on Facebook? Do check what’s the latest news about a friend, an event, a family member?  All these latest news or helpful tips and information that somehow helpful on our travels, admit it, we find most of it from the idea Facebook gave you.  Maybe from your friend’s recent wall post about the place she went to, or a photo of someone else’s dinner, sometimes could be your BFF’s engagement announcement.  It was fun and hopefully this new Facebook Home will be a lot more fun(just like Philippines).


What is Facebook Home?

If you are not aware of it, Facebook Home is out! According the website, Facebook Home is… “The family of apps that puts your friends at the heart of your phone”.  What is it really about?  It just makes you more connected to your friends as the mobile application gives you a closer look of the latest updates of your friends and family. Yep, it’s a mobile application Mark (as if I REALLY know Mr. Zuckerberg to call him on a first name basis) just launches for his masterpiece users.

Key features were the enhancement of notifications, chats, and applications.  I have not tested this, to tell you the truth.  I am writing this to share to you that FREE download will be available on APRIL 12, yes, April 12.  Mark your calendar to get the chance to probe how good (or maybe otherwise) the new Facebook Home is.

Check out the Facebook Home site for more information and to download it on April 12!

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