Posting my travel locations on my Social Networks, I get the most common question,“What is your job?”.  A question that most people think will get them find the reason on how can one afford to travel the places I’m traveling with the ‘job’ I have.  I realize even though I wrote so many posts on how is it possible for ‘anyone’ to travel the world without tons of money, not everyone reads it.  The sad part of it is that, they ended up asking me the same questions over and over which I don’t mind really, but the worst is that some people judge me for the lifestyle I am living.  I remember one friend of a friend from Facebook commenting, “How in the world you can afford to travel like this? You must have a SUGAR DADDY!”.  I replied on the comment shaking my head, asking her to read my blog so she will find out how ANYONE can do it WITHOUT a SUGAR DADDY!

I have written posts like, “How to Extend Your Trip” and “How to Travel Cheap“, even “How to Travel Solo for Women“.  I am always an independent person, I admit I’ve made a mistake once depending on someone and it was when I fell in love ages ago, but I learned a lot from it.  Those things I’ll try not to happen again.

Maybe some would ask, do I “Travel to Work or  Do I Work to Travel”?  I would say I’m the latter.  I would work about anything within my limitations to travel.  I’ve done Travel to Work, and I should say from my experience, it was not fun even if it involves traveling.

Travel is indeed a lifestyle and for travelers like me, most of us ‘Work for Travel’.  We don’t care about following careers or piling up certificates to show off on your wall, our experiences from traveling, the survival skills, languages we learned are I think, far more priceless and worthy than certificates gained from inside a 4 walled school listening to what the professors have to say.  I am not discouraging school, in fact, I am encouraging people to go out there and learn more with life by exploring and experiencing it.  Life is a big school anyway.

We can’t judge a traveler without any diploma at hand, he might be the one to help you when you really need a hand some place away from your so-called ‘home’.


Traveling to work is not as fun.  Enduring long hours of travel just to earn money.  Nah, that won’t appeal to me now.  It did once, it won’t appeal to me again unless its will be to a company I own.  MOTIVATION: Money.


MOTIVATION: To travel more.  This is way better than the former since the motivation will be much more than words can describe and eyes can se.  All the long hours of work you have to endure might be nothing, thinking about where you can go and what you will do, when you get to save a bit of money for traveling.

The greatest tip I give to those who always want to travel endlessly, is to do not listen to people who can’t do what you can do or surpass what you can.  They might just be the jealous freak who wants to rob you off of your dreams.  Well, your parents and friends might be concern for your safety but just do not ignore your instincts and you will be fine.


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10 thoughts on “Travel to Work or Work to Travel?

  1. That’s so offensive, people thinking you must have a sugar daddy and can’t be independent. Talk about a closed mind.

    I’m happy with my work/travel/life balance, I wouldn’t want to travel if I had to do it, I just travel because I have the freedom to and it’s more interesting for me than staying put. People always seem to think my job is connected to my travelling, they can’t get their heads around someone doing a work-from-home job 10,000 kilometres from home.

    1. It did offend me for a bit, but then I thought, that is just because they can’t do what I can and jealous enough of what I did, what I’m seeing, doing, going, and a lot more. I have a new perspective now, that people who judge me and say something like that are not just as lucky as I am (or maybe as smart as I am LOL). I’m living my life, and all they can do is bitch around other people’s lives they wish they have.

  2. I feel you, dear. I think the comment that really made me shake my head is when a relative of mine made comments on my lifestyle. I am not a gadget hoarder or I don’t even shop for clothes and shoes (unless i need to). I allot most of my hard-earned money in traveling and other important things. I don’t ask for money from anyone and I think it is my right to do whatever I want to do. I think some are just closed-minded or unconsciously wishing they can do the same thing… which they can if they have the guts to do so. Nice post 🙂

    1. Thanks Mica! Just like what Dave said, they just can’t get it all together in their head on how the world we are able to do it. 😀

  3. What everyone else thinks of me is their business. Let it roll off your back and keep on traveling. 🙂

  4. Right on Lyndsay. I am off to Vietnam from the 5th-15th, but if you’re in the Bangkok area after that, let me know and maybe we can have a couchsurfing reunion. I still see and talk with Goi and Martin all the time 😉

    1. Sweet! I’d be back in BKK on the 27th…Then April of 1st until the Songkran Festival, would be great to see you all again. 🙂

  5. I can relate to this. i still find it hard to explain to people that I can afford to travel despite me not belonging to the elite society. ^_^ and i dont have a sugar daddy either! it will take time for people to grasp the idea though.. but i have my patience.

    1. Haha That’s all we can do, although I won’t focus much on what they think because I know they are trying to figure out how can I do it because they too, would want to do it and if with their little mind they can’t find a space to understand its possible. Even if I have laid all the stories and tips sharing to everyone how they can do it, some would just judge you according to how their mind works.

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