(The missionary bus in Laos)

Traveling around Southeast Asia is already an adventure of a lifetime, that’s what I thought so but not until I travel Laos.  Travel to Laos is hell of a mission!  Why?  This is because of their lack of system, everything is a lucky dip.  You want to pay a VIP ticket to ensure your comfort while traveling? Think again.  Yes, you can pay for your ‘VIP Ticket’ at a much expensive price but, there’s no VIP seats.  You all get to take your chances to get an air-conditioned bus or a proper seat, but sometimes you get the isle seats which are the plastic chairs at the isle, or better yet you have to sit on top of the rice sacks with live chickens at your feet asking for your help.  Traveling to Laos by bus or by boat is a real dang mission.

Hardcore Adventure Trip

It should be fun for adventure seekers like most backpackers, but for some reason that time I did that, I could not appreciate it all I know is that I want to get to the place I want to go as soon as I can.  Simply because it was my first time to backpack then with an old friend and it wasn’t really how I expect to travel around.  Yet, there are dramas along the way traveling too.  I heard the story about the driver and his company, that they would act like the bus is bogged down and ‘change tires’ to delay the time of arrival, therefore the passengers will arrive really late and tired making us get the rooms where they will drop us off, which means commissions for them.  It works most of the time, specially with the Laos road trip, it was pretty full on so you don’t get to be fuzzy where you want to stay that night.

(Our bus at the terminal)

Laos People

The people are very friendly and helpful, they live a very slow simple life, really traditional.  Not to mention the rules are posted everywhere in Laos for tourists (which is cool for those tourists that always forget to respect other cultures).  Did you know that Laos women are not allowed to date or marry a westerner? It is illegal for them to do that, that’s what I heard.

Laos is another paradise worth exploring and I will be back there one day, that’s for sure, but maybe when their roads and transportation system are easier.  I have not been to amazing waterfalls I saw on fellow backpackers photo, so that’s a true mission I wanna do when I come back to Laos.


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2 thoughts on “Travel to Laos Is a Mission

  1. Damn, I’ll have to cross Laos women off my list of international conquests then (Yeah, like girls are ever interested in me anyway!)

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