(This clothes aren’t allowed for temples and palaces in Bangkok)

I didn’t have any plans of going out today because my boyfriend is trying to get better from a minor surgery, but this morning after breakfast he asked me if I want to see Royal Grand Palace.  I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and a ripped jeans, so I said, ok…but I need to change my clothes to be safe.

Yes, to be safe because most tourist places here in Bangkok are sacred, like temples and some official building like Royal Grand Palace.  There are dress code or clothing restrictions to be able to get in…although you can borrow clothes there with few Thai Baht if you don’t want to ruin the effort of going there.

(Did you notice everyone’s clothes? hahaha!)

Royal Grand Palace’s Clothing Restrictions

  1. No shorts.
  2. No short skirts.
  3. No sleeveless.
  4. No tight fitting clothes.
  5. No see-troughs.

In short, you have to be respectable…  So, people that didn’t want to come back have their choice to choose some clothes that they are allowing them to borrow.  Don’t worry they aren’t that unattractive, the colorful Thai sarongs are awesome!  Yet, if wearing tight tops you have to cover yourself with scarf or loose shirt which will make you look weird.

Anyways, good thing we are prepared and even asked Timon to change his shorts to pants (glad he really did!).  So to all fashionistas out there, pardon us (including the tourists that is forced to wear unfashionable clothes) for wearing these clothes hey…  I know I’m quite prepared but I don’t really have a proper attire for dress codes, because I’m backpacking (need to carry the lightest clothes I can…:D) those Kamiseta polo and Terranova Summer pants is all what I have(actually, I thought they wouldn’t let me…those pants are a bit see through, I was just wearing boy leg underpants! lol).

Well, at least you guys now knows what it would be like…so be prepared or else, just have to wear those borrowed sarongs and men’s shirts! 😛

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