It was initially said on different websites, blogs, or even publications that Visa On Arrival to Myanmar is only for Business purpose visits.  However, I saw on Airasia‘s page article that Myanmar has an e-Visa service already.  It was too compulsive of me to book a ticket without even checking about how the e-visa works.  Confident that the e-visa will work, I didn’t research until 3 weeks before the trip.  I tried the link they referred on the page but service is NOT available.  Therefore, I have to apply at Myanmar Embassy closest to where I was.  It’s either in Bangkok (16-hour by bus away from me) or in Kuala Lumpur (9 hours away by bus).  I started to panic, but I was not ready to give up my trip to Myanmar.  I searched the Internet that there is e-Visa for tourists going to Myanmar assisted by an agency if you can’t do it yourself to go to the embassy.

Getting Your Myanmar Visa From The Embassy

Since I did not lodge my visa through the embassy, all I know is that you need the requirements like the e-Visa, plus some financial proof that you can support your stay in Myanmar.  It takes 2 business days.  Now, if you are lacking time like me then keep reading…

e-Visa to Myanmar

You may be confused about how I keep switching the names from Visa On Arrival to e-Visa.  Due to some conflict on my schedule, I could not fly or travel by bus to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur to get my visa given the time I have left until my flight.  I did not stop until I find agencies online offering to fix your “Visa On Arrival” to Myanmar by submitting the following:

  • Scanned passport
  • Scanned passport photo
  • Fill up the form they will send you about your itinerary in Myanmar
  • In and Out Flight details
  • Payment

After they have received the payment, you will receive an email confirmation that they will process the visa from that date. It is 10 business days.

They will send 3 important documents that you have to print out and show to:

  1. airline officers
  2. immigration
  3. and travel agency assisting at the Myanmar Immigration

Make sure you label them with the file names to know which to show.  Most of them are written in Burmese characters, this got me on hold for boarding because they have to verify these documents.

I actually found several ones online but the cheapest I found was mentioned in the previous Myanmar Visa post.  It is a pre-arranged visa by an agency but also everything is done online which makes it an e-Visa (but not really since it was not directly processed by Myanmar immigration online).

Now, if you preferred the Visa On Arrival pre-arranged online please be TAKE NOTE:

  • Check-in early
  • Make sure to verify your documents with the airline officers ahead of time(this got me almost into trouble as they have to verify and I did not label them with the file name when it was sent to me)
  • Print the last email of the agency to verify that it was also sent via email to them (just in case).

In the end, I got it all sorted out and so I started running to the plane.  After I boarded, I found out that there were a lot of people being held for verification to avoid return passengers.  They said, there has been a lot of passengers that were refused entry to Myanmar due to lack of necessary documentation.  Just a heads up, all these hassles I went through can be avoided if you have planned and organized everything(unlike me).

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