As a backpacker, I have learned how to live with the basics, eating at the streets, taking the cheapest transportation, enjoying cheapest outdoor activities (or sometimes free activities like swimming, rock climb courtesy of pro climbers,watching fire show, and stuff) and of course, cheapest accommodation I can find(which was $2 in Siem Reap basically just a mattress on the floor).

After all that, you will think camping is my thing… but not!  I think I can camp for maximum of 3-5 days but more than that, I’ll give up(or not).  I know it would save you more money having to just  camp, but I still like the comfort of the shower, toilet, and a roof to cover me up no matter how basic are they.  For some reason, camping makes me sick.  Last time I camped was cool, it was way back in school as our leadership training (its like military training) but after a more than week long training, I’m ill and I said to myself, I would not want to feel that sick again.  Which is why camping is not for me.

To Camp

Here are my reasons why I will choose to camp…

  • If people would stay up longer at night, which means less sleeping in a tent activity.
  • If there are more than 3 people camping to at least talk to.
  • There’s no choice but to camp.
  • If there’s a good place to camp, like near a lake, stream, or waterfall.
  • If people to camp with are cool.


Not to Camp

And my reasons not to…

  • If the place is prone to bad weather for the season.
  • If there’s no water in the area.
  • If there’s no one to camp with.
  • If I don’t feel like it.
  • If there’s a better place to stay.

I’m not that cool for camping but I’ll do it with the coolest people I will meet or with my coolest friends that would make me not mind all the reasons why I don’t want to camp.



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