To Blog or Not to Blog??!!

To Blog or Not to Blog??!!Oh my…!  Ever wonder sometimes if you will write about something that’s on your mind or not?  I bet you know what I mean bloggers.  Whether to blog or not to blog.  Yeah, sometimes it’s just that we’re becoming a little lazy to finish a post or too busy with some stuff that we have to set aside blogging for a few days.  Sigh…that’s blogging works.  The model in this photo is Timon Weller, also a blogger.

On and off, enthusiastic or not.  Hahaha, but everyone loves to blog!  who doesn’t? Geez!  What a moody blogger…hahaha!

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Lyndsay is the mind behind this fashion blog, she also blogs about her travels on Discount Travel Blogger giving tips on how to explore the world as cheap as possible. She has earned units in Masters in Psychology, designs websites and graphics, online marketer, YouTuberand a singer by heart.


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    You’re my role model. Thanks to the write-up

    1. Thanks a lot! Keep reading and have fun! 🙂

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