Tiring busy Hanoi streets, yep, they are everywhere! It drove me crazy! Specially finding good food. I kept being ripped off with some cheeky street vendors who are trying to sell me overpriced. How’s that? you are hungry in the middle of crazy town? Makes me want to break out!

hanoi street cafe

Beware of Street Cafe in Hanoi

I found one good restaurant in the middle of Hanoi, it was near the wet market called, Luong Phuong Restaurant. They charged reasonable price and serve great food! Fried Noodles for 20,000 dong (US$1.30), same with Noodle Soups. Don’t fall for street foods easily, there are lot of scams. Try hard to find good food, you will find one. Just be patient.

hanoi fried noodleshanoi noodle soup

Also, Hanoi offers local beers for a cheaper price. It costs 3000 Dong per glass, which is less than a $.70 a glass. Quite interesting for beer drinkers. Tourists are often seen in the place, racking up few glasses.

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