Everyday of our lives we encounter different things and situations that is causing our stress; pollution, financial situation, work, family situation, etc. Every negative situations causes stress, although there are some situations that are just magnified by the person and cause him/herself to be stressed out.

It’s managing stress. Managing Stress means TAKING CHARGE. Take charge of your emotions, your environment, situations, and the way you deal with the situations. The Ultimate Goal: Balanced Life. Balance your time for work, relationships, relaxation and have fun- they say that, all work and no play, makes Mary a dull girl. That is because of her being stressed out. So, Here are some Tips to Reduce Stress:

Tips to Reduce Stress

  1. Tips to Reduce Stress #1 – Identify What’s Causing Stress in Your Life. Looking closely on your ways and attitude, as well as your excuses like, “I just have nervous energy”, “Things are always crazy at home”, “I just have tons of stuff happening to me right now”. Blaming your situations to anything or anyone won’t help.

  2. Tips to Reduce Stress #2 – How Do You Deal with Stress? Most of the time control freaks comes out during stressful times. Always, most people wants to control the situation hoping to reduce the stress or damage it could cause. Instead of controlling it or avoiding it, change your ways on how you deal with it. According to Melinda Smith, M.A., Ellen Jaffe-Gill, M.A., and Robert Segal, M.A, the Four A’s apply; AVOIDING, ALTERING, ADAPTING and ACCEPTING the situations.
  3. Tips to Reduce Stress #3 – AVOIDING. Avoid the situations that causes you stress; learn to say “NO”, avoid the people that stress you out, avoid hot-button topics, trim down your hectic schedule.
  4. Tips to Reduce Stress #4 – ALTERING. Be more expressive rather than bottling it up when someone is bothering you, be more assertive, willing to compromise, and manage your time.
  5. Tips to Reduce Stress #5 – ADAPTING. Adapting to the situation is the best solution if you can’t change it. Change your standards, as you have set your standards that isn’t followed disappoints you and stress you out specially if that happens over and over again. Life is perfect the way that it is not perfect in most ways.
  6. Tips to Reduce Stress #6 – ACCEPT. Some things are not in our control. Let go. Accept that something we can’t change. See it in different way that you haven’t tried before and might be telling you something important to learn.
  7. Tips to Reduce Stress #7 – Relax and Have Fun. Relaxing and having fun time for yourself lets you loosen up a bit. Helping you breathe more from every situations life brings you. Having time to relax and have fun makes you more ready to face whatever you will face, cooler than ever. Relax and Refresh.
  8. Tips to Reduce Stress #8 – Healthy Diet. Your diet affects your behavior as well, so watch what you are eating and drinking. Like alcohols are depressants, so might as well avoid it as it add up to your stress controlling your emotions. Avoid Caffeine and sugar too.
  9. Tips to Reduce Stress #9 – Get Enough Sleep. Get atleast 8hours sleep, and longer if you still feel boofy in the morning. If you need to be at work or school the next day early in the morning, go to bed early then.
  10. Tips to Reduce Stress #10 – Time Management. Balancing your time for the important elements to balance your life, is another key. Anything too much is bad. So, managing your time on every activity you do will help you. Whether its work, relationships, relaxation, etc.

There, 10 Tips to Reduce Stress that I have researched, analysed, and my own thoughts reducing stress. Also, you can try the tips written on the image…lol… 😉

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Reduce Stress

  1. Very informative post.

    Hi Lyndsay, I almost digg it, but I didn’t. Sana binago mo title tulad ng ” The ultimate stress reducer” or “The most effective way blah, blah, blah” Masyado kasi simple and title mo. Kung ganun ang title nito di lang digg ang ibibigay ko, kundi stumble, yahoo buzz, mixx at propeller(lahat yan active member ako). No offense, but that’s how the digg works and what the digg user’s digg. Title is the most important in digg.

    Lahat ito advice ko lang, pwede mo itong burahin, okay lang sa akin.

  2. Nah, I find your suggestion cool and its noted, although I can’t change it because I have already do some marketing about it, but you gave me a good idea on what to do next.

    Well, s friend already told me that but I think I still not getting the hang of it…I mean, I’m starting to just learn things, but yeah, sooner or later I think I will be…

    Thanks for reminding anyway…and for dropping by again… 😀

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