These tips I want to share for travellers going for a long unsure ride by land. Specially to the place or country you haven’t been to before.  Avoid nightmare travels!

1)  Bring motion sickness medicines and plastic bags just in case.
2)  Always bring a bottle of water. You’ll never know where to find good water on some areas.
3)  Always bring tissue paper.  You may need it somewhere…lol..
4)  Travel light.  Just bring 3-4 sets of clothes, pair of thongs/sports sandals, and sneakers.
don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, small soap, and sachet shampoos.
5)  Bring mosquito spray.
6)  Eat two hours before the ride.  So, you won’t feel sick if weather is too hot.
7)  Try not to drink too much while travelling.  You don’t want to stop the driver everytime.
8)  Have a small good book with you, or MP4 to do something on the road.
9)  Sunglasses is advisable, but not necessary.
10) As well as sunscreen lotion.laos local bus

These are the few tips I could share to avoid the same nightmare I had!…I wasn’t prepared.  Hoping I would help and warn people not to be like me…lol…

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2 thoughts on “Tips on Long Distance Travelling

  1. If any of your readers are contemplating backpacking using the ADO bus line in Mexico, wear a VERY WARM jacket and beanie. For some reason, the drivers like to crank up the air conditioning to the maximum level regardless of season or time of day.

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