The game is always on, but moving ahead after tons of games we’re playing, we always want to get what we want…What our hearts desire? That’s to meet the right one. This time I want to give guys ‘Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You?’. Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You?

As a girl, I can give some tips on how to tell if she likes you? But girls are each of their own, everyone are! Depends with what type of girl are you after… Let me tell you what? Super flirty girls are very open when they like someone, I need not to tell you about that, you can tell yourself when they do.

Yet, timid and shy girls, as well as those intimidating girls out there…THEY, they are most likely you want to know how to tell if they like you? Start it up!

Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You?

  1. Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You? The Look – She look back or glimpse back when she noticed that you’re looking at her more than once. She might just be checking out if she knows you the first time she saw you looking or maybe, staring at her…or making sure if you are really checking her out.

  2. Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You? The Smile – She smiled back when you smiled at her. Normally, these girls doesn’t smile first, either they are too shy or too afraid to be let down. Although, intimidating girls most of the time doesn’t smile back, but they’ll sneakingly keep checking you out .

  3. Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You? Attention – She always gonna do something to get your attention surreptitiously. You wouldn’t even think they are doing it to get your attention but they have a lot of tricks to do that, most common is going to the comfort room if you’re on the way to get there, sit to a place where she can easily check you out and otherwise, and a lot more professional tricks…lol.
  4. Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You? Avoidance – When you tried to approach her, she’s attentive and smiley. Most girls are attentive and smiley when the guy they like approached them, but, the snobbies are different…they’re always too proud, they might have thousands of excuses to make it up not to make them look bad, but that’s how they get their charms working, making you want to chase the prize.

  5. Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You? Body Language – Fidgetting, touching their hair, and similar are the most obvious way to tell that she likes you. You see, your body can’t hide anything so whether if they have mastered the body language…it will still come out (ex. blushing, goosebumps, and stuff they can’t hide)
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4 thoughts on “Tips on How to Tell if She Likes You?

  1. Thanks Lyndsay for the tips!! I need all the help I can get and getting those tips from an insider is “a good thing”! heeheee!!

    I hope you had a great Christmas and a good New Year too! Me…it was awesome seing my family and all. Next week though will be back to the drawing board for nonstop work till Easter. Ugggh…now where’s that gal I’m looking for. I now know how to tell if it’s her or not. lol

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