Wild Wild West

Cowboys, boots, hats, lassos, and the bull ride? You think that is how the wild wild west kind of living huh? You’re right! But don’t think everyone is serious because we sure know how to party here in Arizona. This is how we party in the wild wild west! Desert living isn’t just cacti and rattle snakes, we also boast a beautiful landscape, winter weather, sunsets, and cuisine.

The cuisine is influenced by Mexican food as well as the exotic variety that the desert is rich from. Pink Adventures Scottsdale, Why Do I Love Thee? invited us over at their awesome launch party showing everyone how we party in the west, it can be wild but it can also be fun!

The cowboy games got me going as I try out how to lasso, I wasn’t gutsy enough to try out the bull ride (maybe next time), photo booths and fun dress up photo opportunity made me giggle! The food was awesome and truly adventurous, rattlesnake chilli, finger licking ribs, beef brisket, tacos, nutella bars were just the few I enjoyed and wanted to keep coming back but the stunning sunset view and excitement to try to ride the hot air balloon was pulling me away from it. Soon enough, I found myself taking selfie videos while we were flying! Yay! But wait, that’s not all! I also won from the raffle, a Pink Adventures mug and T-Shirt, how could I not have fun with that?

Pink Adventure Tours – Scottsdale

The very iconic Pink Jeep is now in Scottsdale! They call themselves Pink Adventure Tours, offering half-day and full day tours to Grand Canyon and Sedona that you would surely enjoy. Check out their video below to find out how fun the tours would be!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor I have received any payment to write or promote the company.

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