Things to Do in Oregon


There are hundreds if not more Things to Do in Oregon but I could only write what I have experienced and seen people do there on this post. I would simply say that I could not put together a complete list of what to do in Oregon simply because there are endless things to do there that locals will tell you! I visited Oregon only for 3 days and I’ve seen how lucky they are for living in that paradise. To give you a few of things to do there, here it is…


There are a lot of cool places to dive and swim in Oregon, rivers and lakes to name a couple that I saw in those 3 days I stayed there. It won’t surprise me to learn that there are plenty more hidden gems I have not seen.



Due to it’s big farm lands, Oregon is home for animal farms, ranches, even equestrian training farms which makes it a great place for horseback riding trips and lessons.



If you are big into nature exploration, Oregon is a good place for it. It is a paradise that you can explore whatever kind nature adventure seeker you are, may you be into hiking, trekking, diving, fishing, swimming, and the list goes on and on.



While you are busy exploring, you might want to bring your camping gear with you and camp out on top of a mountain or nearby a lake or river, camping sites with amazing view is everywhere. There’s no question of whether to camp or not to camp kind of decision making, the view will convince you to!



Kayaking is one of the water activities you can do there aside from paddle boarding and floating by the river on a tube which is cool way to hang out with friends.


Mountains are everywhere with almost a hundred in Oregon, the beauty of snow-capped mountains captivates me. I happen to be lucky enough to hike one, Mt. Bachelor with family and it has a stunning view from up there. Not to mention that there are a lot of trekkers/hikers that camp out up there too. Can’t blame them, it’s gorgeous!



What good is it to hang out with friends without beer and Oregon will not be caught getting dry of cold beers. Yes, breweries everywhere, beer festivals here and there. If you missed one, then make one for your self!


That’s all I can do, but if you have more things to add on the list then let me know on the comments and I update it with your coolest suggestions. Enjoy Oregon!

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