(Backpackers getting ready on a 14 hour road trip)

We, backpackers know how fun it is traveling around and despite some negative stories people keep talking about how backpackers are, those will not stop any backpacker moving around except oneself.

For all the backpacker would be, there are a lot of things you would want to know before embarking to an exciting adventure of your life.  It is life changing (believe me it is).  Specially for solo travelers out there, it is more fun and liberating.  Going back to the point,  I know would be backpackers would surely want to know more tips on how to do it, whether on how to travel light, how to do it cheaper, where to go, and what to do and what not in different places you want to go.

(Backpackers planning how to get to the destination)

Things Backpackers Should NOT Do

Do not believe everything you hear. It’s great to hear tips and ask advise from other backpackers, but be smart enough to distinguish who are just bragging from people who are sincere telling you the truth.  Most often than not, backpackers are generally helpful and honest, but there are few bad eggs along the way, just keep your heads up for these kind of people.

Do not fall for scammers. Everywhere we go there are there, we just don’t know where our roads will cross.  TIP: A scammer will usually approach you and start talking unrelated stuff to your needs to get your trust.  Well, even if you think they are real, you better be sure and safe than sorry (Ask locals working in an establishment is safer, they would not do silly things at work where bosses are around watching them).

Don’t be naive. When you’re travelling, it’s important that you leave your naive-ness where you set off or you’ll be in a lot of trouble.  You should always be on guard with everything, your stuff, people you meet, food you eat, places to go, transport you take.  This is why you become smarter traveling alone, making your way to survive and have fun in the safest way possible. Use your coconut shell.

Do not trust immediately. On my personal experience, I trust my instinct, and let my intuition guide me to safety.  I don’t trust strangers ASAP, yes, I meet people everyday, new friends, but my gut always tell me if one is trustworthy or not.  If my gut tells me not, then I would not second guess my gut feeling and that kept me safe.  It is helpful to be smart and vigilant specially if you’re in different country.

Do not assume. This is the most common thing travelers do when visiting a place for the first time.  We get to create a story just from watching which builds new perspective for us, yet that perspective is coming from our culture, comparing it to what we we are conditioned to but this is wrong.  Instead, we should try to appreciate and understand different culture, ways, and tradition by simply talking to the locals.  Our perspective becomes our reality, so be careful.  Do not ask them direct questions that they may not answer(if this is the case, surely they will just make up stories leaving you the stupid person believing what that person just said).  I’ve seen this several times, it was pathetic.

There are a lot of things most backpackers do that they should not, but then again, everyone will learn their lessons well along the way. Take note that you are outside your comfort zone when you are travelling, everything is new to you.  Experience and enjoy every moment of it, take responsibility of your actions wherever you are and always respect others.


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