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Mother’s Day is coming up this May as I remember, it was a very long time since I treat mom for that special day but greetings! hehe…  Now, that I am given the opportunity to be with her on Mother’s Day this year.

I’m thinking of a Spa Treatment  because she’s always busy cooking and stressing out during catering.  I thought, that would be a great treat for her to relax, which I think is what she needs. Well, if you guys are thinking what to give your moms this Mother’s Day, just try to find out what she really needs or want.  That way she would truly appreciate that special day dedicated to her.


(Two mommies in my life!: Mom and my sister)

Before settling to Spa Treatment, I thought of giving her clothes or shoes, as she’s quite “kikay” too.  Then a dine out, but I realize we could just do that everyday and I want it to be special.  I still end up booking her for a Spa Treatment.  That’d be a Great Suprise for her, but I don’t think it will be a surprise for her now as she reads my blog everyday! lol…  Anyways, still its for her. 🙂

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