I have never been this happy,
Never been this free,
Now I can see the world in front of me,
It doesn’t have to tell me.

Once I couldn’t see the beauty,
I couldn’t appreciate any;
Struggles and pains made me blind,
Life’s real path I couldn’t find.

I didn’t know I created a wall,
Wall that never let me out at all,
I thought it was okay, it was normal;
Until I heard someone call.

Then I realize I was a prisoner,
How would I find the voice ever?
I heard the voice say,”Where are you?”
I yelled back,”I’m here, Free me!”

He replied,”I’m trying…”
And he never stopped trying,
He didn’t give up on me,
So It felt right to give him all of me.

I’ve crossed seas and oceans,
Travelled across the lands,
Long enough to find out,
It’s within where hapiness’ hide out.

I thank God for letting me find it,
Lights and candles were lit,
Bright enough to find back my way,
And live my life happiest each day.

timon weller

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