Every now and then, we get to read or watch some news about abusing women, discriminated in the society, and in some countries, powerless.  Not even worthy of respect, of voice to be heard, when in this day and time where women are treated equal to men in other parts of the world, they were treated with vague injustice.

Have you heard about the woman being stoned to death in Somalia because she was raped? Or child brides in Yemen? Daughters for sale?  All these are horribly heartbreaking. I do not know why in the world they treat woman in their country like that, no one has a right to do such things whether to men or women.

For years, India is the same by shaming their women and treating them like dirt.  Rape was imminent, that because it happens everywhere,they lived it like the norms of the society.  Every women was afraid to speak up, afraid that they would not be heard, or nobody would even listen.  When the rape of a medical student came out, the surge of the sexual abuse complaints started coming out from everywhere.  Even tourists being harassed, scary. Suddenly, claims of horrific situations grabbing the attention of the world.

In Northern India, a group of female group dressed in pink saris  called Gulabi Gang are determined to save women from their abusive husbands and society’s injustice.  Here’s their amazing story:

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