While I’m here in Saigon waiting for some important documents for the next move, I explored the City of Saigon near our hotel.  Food is amazing!  Plenty of choices, Saigon is modernized filled with restaurants offering their different specialties.  Mexican food, Italian food, Japanese, name it… they have it.

Oh well, I love rice! What can I do? I’m Asian, so fried rice is my usual favorite.  Although, trying Maxican food like Vegetarian Burritos is awesome!  This yummy burrito is made from tortilla, avocado, black mongo beans,lettuce, tomatoes, and the salsa.  Buonissimo!

Okay, so we’re waiting… and we have to do something while we’re waiting or we’ll go crazy! Yeah, me and Timon walk around and found this English Cinema.  Located at 116 Nguyen Du, Quan 1, we found The GALAXY CINEMA.  The tickets are from 40,000 VND ($2.30) but they charge foreigners 55,000 VND($3.10).  The movies have Vietnamese subtitles, and it’s good enough.

You can chill out at the arcade room while you’re waiting for the movie time, it is 2,500 VND/token.  They have few more games in there that will help you pass the time until your movie time.  Check out their cinema, they are almost like the Philippine cinemas minus the huge screen, dolby digital audio, comfortable seats, and freezing cold aircon, but almost…  I enjoyed it though.  You can try it yourself when you get here. 😉

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