Pineapple Clothing is The Organic High Fashion

As I have featured Bamboo Clothing as one of the most common organic clothing at present because of its practical components.  At the same time, promoting organic fashion is the act put together by all the people behind the fashion world in helping Mother Nature.

Pineapple Clothing

Fashion is all about creativity and resourcefulness, so let’s not forget that that the industry has pushed its creativity to help environment.  Although, these organic clothing has been long existing, it was never given priority until now.

PiÑa Textile Originated in the Philippines

From Bamboo fashion as the most accessible and practical fashion you can have.  High Fashion clothing is the Pineapple Clothing.  It originated in the Philippines, as pineapples grow in Tropic weather like ours, it is also one of our main products.

Pink Pineapple Clothing

PiÑa which means Pineapple, are growing anywhere in the country although Southern Philippines produces the most.  One of the largest Pineapple plantation and producers in the world, DOLE, owns roughly half the overall pineapple farm proving the climate makes the best type of fruit. Pineapple textiles are most commonly called PiÑa Textiles in the Philippines.

PiÑa Textiles are from the pineapple leaves and fibers, often mixed with silk to produce a great couture clothing with nice and elegant touch.

Pineapple fabrics are delicate and sensitive, that is why it is the emerging Organic High Fashion Clothing in the world.  Soon, Pineapple Clothing will conquer the runways of the Fashion Capitals of the World, like MILAN, Paris, London, New York, etc.

Organic Era will be the trend soon, and Pineapple Clothing will be the favorites of most Haute designers all over the world.

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