The Miracle of Mineral Make Up

(Colorscience Mineral Make Up Kit – $55 USD)

What is Mineral Make Up?

What’s making every lady gaga over mineral make-up?  You don’t know why?  Then keep reading…  Mineral make-up is a loose powder make up foundation made from earthly-based finely grounded minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which also acts as a sunscreen, a wonderful make up to use to put on your 5 minute make up.

Talc is also a mineral but even though it is, it is not considered or even mixed with mineral make ups.  Using mineral make up makes your skin healthier as the pores absorb the nutrients and protects it from harmful UV rays that causes freckles, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

What are The Benefits of Mineral Make-up?

Mineral MakeupMineral make ups as mentioned above are made from finely grounded earth minerals that is healthy for your skin.  It does work as a sunscreen as well protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays.

(Colorscience Genie Matte Mineral Make Up – $ 17.50)

Commonly used as cosmetic minerals giving a natural shine without disproportionate color, skin tone, and shine.  You don’t have to worry about an oily like skin shine from the cakey make up.

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